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Vital Pilates, Inc.
1901 W 11th Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19805

“I have been a person living with a serious chronic illness for 24 years, and almost totally inactive for the past 10. Thanks to my pilates sessions with Mara I have greatly improved my stamina and muscle tone, as well as slimming down in a supportive and physically safe program.” – Mindy Harris, Lutheran Minister

“Pilates is by far the most stimulating, fun, and effective exercise that I have found. Mara is an excellent instructor, with top-notch skills and an engaging manner. I am always sorry when my class with Mara is over.” – Janet Teacher, Writer

“Both the small group and private sessions at Vital Pilates provide that rare combination of tailored technical direction and full body workout. If the charming studio doesn’t help facilitate those muscle burning reps, Mara’s sense of humor will!” – Cathy MacFarlane

“No judgements.  This was important to me as I decided to try pilates.  The dilemma I have is shared by many: being overweight, wanting to improve myself, but not feeling safe and comfortable in the ‘fitness world.’  With Mara, I have never felt “less than” or critiqued.  With Mara, I have become stronger.  She works with me, adjusting when I need, but still pushing me.” – Jane Rosenzweig